2019 Canada Federal Election

2018 is becoming past, and 2019 is coming. In this new year, the biggest political event for Canadians is the federal election in October 2019. Since the Liberal Party won the Canadian federal election in 2015, the potato has become the prime minister of Canada. He has made a huge change in Canada, making us crazy, making us uneasy, making our living costs rise uncontrollably, making beautiful marijuana bloom everywhere.. .... makes us feel that the future is not bright, and the future is even less optimistic about Canada.

Since the Justin Trudeau took office, the M103 bill has been passed; the cost of living for voters has risen; the terrorists have been paid; the endless illegal immigrants have brought endless economic, social, security and other problems and burdens to Canada; The self-directed headscarf farce dared to blame the Asians at random, causing the whole of Canada to launch a wave of protests from east to west without receiving any feedback from him.

The actions of the Liberal Party and Justin Trudeau have made us realize that it is our most important thing to drive away the Liberal Party in 2019. If we fail, we will have to wait for another four years. In this new four years, they will Finding ways to turn Canada into their "ideal" place is also our nightmare.

Let us unite as one and work together to get rid of the Liberal Party and build a new Canada!

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Correct the mistake and welcome the October general election
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In recent days, the leader of the Conservative Party, Andrew Scheer, suddenly, and Brad issued a joint statement to clarify the explanation that Brad leaked the party’s list in 2017, contrary to the previous conclusion, and expressed that the 50,000 Canadian dollars that were seized at that time and related in the process. The cost has been adjusted appropriately. Everyone can see that this is forced by current situation. In the October 2019 federal election, the current Conservative Party wants to get rid of this historical burden. Because the Canadian People’s Party was born, the Conservative Party voters have also differentiated. The Conservative Party is more or less faced with the election crisis. This is a compromise that the Conservative Party has to do.

This statement did not explain why the Conservative Party was so sure that it must have been done by BRAD. It did not explain why it was so ridiculous at that time, and began to use the conclusions to explain the problem. Now there is no explanation who made the decision. To be honest, whether it is definitely or not, I don’t think I can convince me. I haven't seen all the facts from beginning to now. After all, I still don't know who is responsible for this inferior mistake.

In contrast, Brad is still focusing on the overall situation. He hopes to welcome all the voters in the October general election and not change the original intention of replacing the Liberal Party. After all, the Liberal government has brought too many disasters to Canada. No one wants to see the Liberal Party win the election again. In the year, if that, Canada will go completely into an not reversed abyss.

On the occasion of this federal election, the Conservative Party leadership group should put more down on the body, correct many of the low-level mistakes made in this year and clean up the responsible person at the same time, instead of simply satisfying the basic demands of the voters, but trying to win Voters' hearts and minds, with reliable, promising and capable characters as candidates for Conservative Party members, so that the Conservative Party is likely to win more seats in the October federal election.

Some of the good cards in history have been smashed into chaos, and there are also many examples of winners with bad cards. I hope that the Conservative Party leadership will not make low-level, boring mistakes for the rest of the time, but will adopt the wise, effective and correct way to meet the October federal election.

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Justin Trudeau started his new campaign
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Recently, Justin Trudeau started his campaign and canvassing activities for re-election, but he was unfortunately repeatedly protested by the "Yellow vest". For the yellow vest, Canada is also an imported product. First of all, the French people began to appear dissatisfied with the current “White Left” President Emmanuel Macron. The protest groups spread quickly in many European countries and came to Canada.

Trudeau visited the western part of Canada on the 10th and informally began to campaign for re-election. Unexpectedly, during the visit, a group of activists wearing fluorescent yellow vests protested. In response to the protest, Trudeau called on Canadian to exchange and express their different views with "polite behavior".

It is a pity that it is a waste for him to treat him politely. When he forced to recruit refugees, he didn’t treat the people of Canada politely. When he accused the Asians cut their headscarves, he didn’t treat Asians politely. When he did not allow others to use "father" and "mother", he didn’t treat others politely. When he forced the M103 to protect Muslims without protecting non-Muslims, he didn’t treat others politely. when he compensated the terrorists for millions Canadian dollars, he didn’t treat Canadians’ politely….. In fact, he doesn’t known how to treat Canadian politely and how to protect the interests of Canadians.

All of these prove that Justin Trudeau himself is a person who is not polite and protects the interests of the Canadian people. Originally, everyone still hoped him to be a country for the people. Now he has clearly understood and the purpose of his appointment. It is the consumption of Canada’s national strength, a large budget deficit, an increase in carbon taxes, the massive recruit of illegal refugees, and the detention of ISIS terrorists. In this way, social contradictions are becoming increasingly acute, and terrorist activities occur frequently...... He left this position as soon as possible is a great fortune for the Canadians.

In the New Year, we wish the process of re-election of Trudeau more difficult! Let their tattered ideas go with them! ("Politeness" is really superfluous to him)

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New Year Carbon Tax
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The time finally closed the door of 2018 and came to 2019. At the beginning of the New Year, it is time to have a new life, but unfortunately, at the same time that the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau congratulated everyone on the “Happy New Year” message, he actually sent a carbon tax to Canadians:

January: The carbon tax of large industrial emitters takes effect.

April: The carbon tax “support” imposed by the provinces takes effect.

Justin Trudeau's massive tax increase will make everything more expensive - including natural gas, groceries and home heating prices.

For Canadians, there is still a worse moment. After the Liberal government has attracted so many refugees, the society is in chaos and the cost of living is rising. At the end of each month, Canadians have fewer and fewer surpluses. Any wise person will see Trudeau’s carbon tax only make this problem worse. Sadly, Canada is currently managed by a prime minister who has never worried about the money in life.

This is just the beginning. If Trudeau is re-elected, the carbon tax will only continue to increase. His experts and His own government department is telling him. It starts at $20 per ton and will rise rapidly to $50 per ton by 2022. According to documents from the Environment Department in Canada, they are already talking about carbon taxes that need to reach $300 per ton! At this price, home heating prices will rise by $1,000 a year, and natural gas prices will rise by 60 cents a liter. This is a tax that Canadians simply cannot afford.

The more magnified deficit budget pushes him to levy more taxes without a bottom line and open up more bottomless marijuana business. As for whether to destroy the lives of the Canadian people, that is not his concern. Fortunately, we will have the opportunity to expel the Trudeau government through elections in October this year, ensuring that the large amount of carbon tax imposed on Canadian is only temporary and that these increases will never succeed.

We need beautiful life!  Let us work together to elect the Liberal Party and drive away Justin Trudeau!

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Message to 2019
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Hope for a long time…… we finally will come to 2019! The biggest political activity of the Canadian people in 2019 will be the federal election in October 2019. Since the Liberal Party won the federal election in 2015, Canada has begun the bad track, no worst, only worse; one piece, the Liberal government spends Taxpayers’ huge taxes are used to entertain illegal immigrants. They use a large number of tax to pay large amounts of refugees from the Middle East to enter Canada, pay huge sums of money to terrorists, and collect ISIS terrorists who are notoriously recruited. The Liberal Party’s leader also emotionally tells the people that ISIS terrorists would be the backbone of a stable country. They also planned to teach those terrorists to write poetry and paint. They ignore that these terrorists are a group of murderers without any mercy. All these are like to drop a huge shock to the calm society. The Liberal Party forced to pass M103 Act. They want to use the law to protect Muslims, but they do not discuss the protection of other non-Muslim populations through a bill such as M104...

By December 2018, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had signed a UN refugee agreement under the opposition of many Canadians. This is a treaty that seriously places refugee benefits above nationals’. The purpose of the Liberal government of Canada is to establish their new voter warehouses for winning the federal election, and at the same time take the benefits of the Canadian voters as a victim for their national reputation. It is really unfortunate for Canada.

In the past several years, Canada is no longer a country of prosperity and stability. Housing prices soaring, rising cost of living, and rising deficits; many terrorist incidents in Toronto and many other areas, many innocent lives have been hurt and lost in these terrorist incidents. . They are still doing what they want, and they are indifferent to meeting the needs of the refugees.

All of these are not the future Canadians that Canadian people hope to face. 2019 will be our opportunity and an opportunity for the Federal Liberal Party. If the Liberal Party cannot be ousted this year, the Liberal Party will even more unscrupulously destroy the present and In the future, we must be united to oust the Liberal Party in this important election year. This is already an election that Canadian people cannot lose.

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A letter from Stephen Harper
Author or Source:Stephen Harper

Dear XXXX,

From my family to yours, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Season’s Greetings. I hope you are able to spend meaningful time with friends, family, and loved ones.

With 2019 almost upon us, and the next election fast approaching, I can’t help but reflect on the past year for our Conservative Party, and on the determined leadership of Andrew Scheer. For all of those who have helped build our party, you have my deepest gratitude, and you should feel nothing but pride.

Over the past 15 years, we have been able to build a healthy and successful Conservative Party. We created a legacy of a robust economy, a prosperous and growing middle class, and a respected presence on the world stage.

In Opposition, we have continued to be a strong voice for the taxpayer, and the only party offering a positive vision to get our fiscal house in order and give Canadians a chance to get ahead, not just get by.

When we look back at all of the excellent work that we did in office, it’s unfortunate how much of that has been put in jeopardy by this current Liberal government.

After the last election, it only took a few months for Canadians to learn that Justin Trudeau’s promised “modest” $10 billion deficit had quickly doubled, and to date, added $60 billion in new debt.

The Liberals also moved quickly to claw back the Tax-Free Savings Account increase and to scrap important tax breaks for working families – including income splitting and children’s arts and fitness tax credits.

While Liberals and pundits like to point out our government also ran deficits, they always leave out it was in response to a crisis in the global economy on a scale not seen in over 80 years. Not only did economic activity plummet, but the global financial system froze up as major institutions were on the verge of collapse.

So we responded by running a temporary deficit, and it worked. Throughout the recession, Canada performed very well, and we maintained the most robust financial system of any G7 nation.

In contrast, the Trudeau Government’s spending has not only been unnecessary, but it is also very dangerous.

A responsible government would have continued to pay down the debt when the economy was performing well, in order to prepare for the inevitable downturn. Instead, Justin Trudeau initiated permanent deficits – with no plan to return to balance.

This is why the next election is so important. If we continue to go down this road, it will inevitably lead to even greater deficits that we may never be able to pay off. This next election may be our only opportunity to reverse that course.

We must unite, as Conservatives, to stop this Liberal Government and ensure that it is limited to just one term – and replaced by a new Conservative Majority Government under Andrew Scheer.

As you know, I remain on the board of Conservative Fund Canada, our party’s fundraising agent. To ensure that Andrew is in the best possible position going into the next election, I have made a personal pledge to ensure we end the year in a position of strength.

To that end, I have committed to help raise $1.3 million online before December 31.

Your help is critical as we prepare for the next election. The only way we’re going to secure a Conservative majority in 2019 is with your involvement.

Please help us end the year strong with a donation today.

Thank you again so much for your continued support.

Sincerely yours,

Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper, P.C.

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