2018 Canada Ontario new Conservative Leadership Campaign

Due to the resignation of former Ontario Conservative leader Patrick Brown’s sexual scandal, the Conservatives in Ontario elected new temporary leaders and decided to formally elect a new leader of the Conservative Party on March 10, 2018. The Conservative Party of Ontario, There are currently three Conservatives seeking to run for the new parliamentary election in the month. We also launch our candidate as the Ontario Chinese website to help politicians run. Also hope to win the support of the people of Chinese.

    We don’t care about whether the candidate is Chinese or not and we care about whether the candidate supports our philosophy. At the same time, we must look into whether the candidate serves the vital interests of the electorate instead of indulging himself in jobs like those anniversaries that have nothing to do with the vital interests of the voters.

    Having chosen the political platform for comparison in the context of the study, we have come to the foreground of the candidates. We think Doug Ford/Tanya Granic Allen has met our Chinese concepts in many places and at the same time has political experience. Most importantly, he has a history of managing business. This is very important for today's Ontario. People who do business will have a bottom line for anything.

    The current Liberal leaders in Ontario are politicians born. They have mixed with other parties. We need some fresh air, and voters should stop focus on the politicians' promises. Those promises can be discarded anytime by them. Former Conservative Party leader Patrick Brown is one of the best examples.

Here, we have chosen Doug Ford/Tanya Granic Allen as our Conservative New Party leader candidate. We hope that together, let's get our candidate elected!

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Rob Ford was gone
Author or Source:http://www.ritagiang.com/article.php?id=825
Rob Ford was gone, and he was only 46 years old. We again witnessed how a successful conservative political star was brutally persecuted by the liberal media and became another victim. Everyone believed that he was not in good health and he did not take good care of his health. But everyone knows that bad mood plays a major role in cancer development. It is not improper to say that he was murdered by the media. Many people have forgotten that during those darkest days, when they got up in the morning, they would not know what kind of new evidence the media uncovered to charge Ford. At that time, I often thought, if I were him, how could I face my life every day? I could not face the day like he did, he still went to work every day with a smile. But behind his smile, no one knew how much pressure he had on his shoulder. Many of our reporters met with him and noticed his suffering under the pressure. He did not cry, but everyone who met him wanted to cry. I remember those reporters waited for him in front of his house and in the parking lot of the municipal government every day. The reporter chased him from parking lot into the elevator. No one could tolerate such bullying and abuse. Ford was elected to be the mayor with nearly 50% of the votes, defeating other candidates including George Smitherman, the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, Deputy Premier and Toronto Regional Minister, who was responsible for losing more than billions of tax payers’ dollars, yet he was supported by the media. Just because Ford was not a favorite figure of the media, from the very first day of his election, he drew daily attention from the media until his last day. The largest newspaper Toronto Star admitted that they sent 17 reporters just report Ford's news. When the priority of dozens of reporters was to dig up his scandal, anyone can be excavated as unsightly news. Not only that Ford was not perfect, he was a rough high school dropout. When the English media who shouted for tolerance and anti-discrimination all day long, the only thing that they could not tolerate was a successful conservative politician. His first guilt was not participating in the gay parade, as a mayor, he was considered not-tolerate. He said that it was their family vacation time every national day, they spend time in their villa. The media thought it was an excuse, and they went to Muskoka Villa to track his mother and asked her if her son was really on vacation there. Another of his guilt was associated with the way how he dealt with the union. He outsourced the work with a tougher attitude. These were not only unforgivable for the left wing unions, of course, the left-leaning parties that rely on the union donations and voting tickets also joined the bully. The Left-leaning media naturally had to work harder on him. In order to excavate the privacy of the Ford family, the news media dispatched their reporters to the Ford’s house in the middle of the night and padded their heads to explore the Ford’s family, and was caught by the family, fortunately, the Ford family is civilized people, or these reporters can be fist-oriented. In an effort to crush Ford, they accused him of using the council members' letterhead to raise money for one of his charitable organizations. Was it a joke to sue him using such a ridiculous excuse? You should know that he had never applied for office expenses. There was a group of left-leaning lawyers who helped in the lawsuit against him, the only purpose was to force him leave the position. His obesity became the object of ridicule by the left-wing media. A free left-wing magazine called NOW, putting his head on a fat naked man's body on its cover. He bought lunch at the fried chicken restaurant and was also photographed and ridiculed saying he did not go on diet at all. They visited everyone who worked for him, and everyone who was familiar with him, and they made up a lot of bizarre stories, including his prostitution in the office. The incident forced him to speak foul language, and then they made his gruff vocal screen available to the world. At that moment, the Toronto Star had several columns daily to make fun of Ford and his family. I documented in the past that they described him in their column as "his huge pink head," saying that he and his family members were idiots, stupid and mentally-challenged people, even Ford Nation members who supported him were all low IQ criminals. Excuse me, was this not an extreme example of bully? At the end, he was a betrayed and abandoned person, and nobody dared to touch him. At the time of the federal election in 2015, the Ford brothers noticed that the Prime Minister Harper was facing crisis and wanted to offer some help to him, and the media immediately laughed loudly, said it was a shame that Harper needed to rely on such a figure. Although Ford was seriously ill at that time, they still would not let it go. On the other hand, another mayor who was confirmed twice as corrupted, when she was standing on the other party's leader’s platform, she was praised. They said why did Harper find such a gangster when he could find an "upright" character to stand on his platform? Today everyone forgot what had happened to him. Everyone says that he did not cherish his body, leading to his premature death. Does anyone remember the bullying that he continued to suffer every day during the time when he was the mayor? We saw those who had persecuted him and who had betrayed him, and who had drawn the line between themselves and him came out to mourn him. I saw that their hands were actually blood stained. If I were them, I couldn’t fall asleep.
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Vote Doug Ford, Ignoring Candidates endorsed by politicians
Author or Source:一知

In recent years, there have been many anomalies in the political arena in the democratic world. The first is that in 2016 the United States elected President Trump, a president who has not had any political experience for one day. Followed by French President Macron, a 38-year-old Young politicians, even more unusual is that he formed the political party only more than a year, but he and the defeated opponent Le Pen also came from a newly formed small party. Austria is even more special, they have chosen a 30-year-old youth to serve as prime minister. On the contrary those veteran politicians are beginning to lose, defeat, defeat ... ... even to maintain and win the election was barely maintained, the German Prime Minister Angela Merkal is the best proof. Why suddenly become like this? Voters were cheated more, veteran politicians experience has become a vice electorate poison, the more experience, the more reputation cannot mention more voters.

    Those who have been perennial in the political circle have been together for a long time, and they exchange each other frequently. Most of them have no management and governance experience except for a pile of empty ideas. In fact, most of them do not have the means to govern their country. As former foreign guests, former President Obama and current Canadian Prime Minister Potato are the best examples. Some Liberal Party politicians saw that some problems of the Liberal Party of the Province, did their best to change the courthouse, to change their banners and recommend each other. Patrick Brown should be a member of Liberal Party or the New Democrats Party who have been mingled with the Conservative Party and on many issues demanded that Conservatives in Ontario should agree with the Liberal Party. We are very lucky to see that before the upcoming provincial election, he is trying out the evil consequences of his own planting ... and we are "Oh, huh, huh!". Therefore, we should ignore the mutual recommendation among politicians.

    Although some politicians have different ideological differences from each other, they all have one thing in common. They don’t offended anyone. They have no stand before anybody. They have no point of view or opinion to many very important matters. To win the favor is in fact nothing at all. As the three heads of state in Canada dare to attack Asian voters because of a lie, the ordinary Chinese MPs of the Liberal Party, who now usually do anything they want and need now, are all nothing to say. As for the candidates recommended by those who are useless, they are of no value at all. We can totally ignore them. Look at those Conservative Party members actually there are many people voted in favor of ‘M103's proposal. Therefore, we need to vote for those who have a position and have a point of view on matters that are big or not. We should keep our eyes open. Anyone who follows Patrick Brown to vote in the 'M103' motion to support Ontario's motion and their proposed candidate will be ignored.

    Our Canadian politics also needs Trump's fresh air. When we have a chance, we use our votes to tell veteran politicians to leave, and if they keep going, we cannot see any change and the new starting point.

    It was such an opportunity for Doug Ford to come to our midst and we can work together to use this opportunity to change Ontario's politics and our future!

    Join the Conservatives in Ontario is your first step, if you do not want to represent yourself, you will be represented by others. So if you live in Ontario and you are over 14, if you have not joined, please join us as soon as possible. You only need $10 and a few minutes to get your vote. Here's a link to participate Ontario Conservatives Party: 

    Join the Conservatives Ontario link

  After you have completed the registration of the first step, let us move to our second step, the third step ,,,,,

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Vote Doug Ford as our new leader of the Ontario Conservative Party
Author or Source:二知

    Before the six month of the provincial Conservative Party's presidential election, due to the step down of the sexist scandal led by the former party leader, there will be another conservative leader election in Ontario in March 2018 so that we do not have much time to think and observe different candidates, such as the fishes jumping of the River, quickly entered the field of view of voters one by one. Many voters express their views and vote for their ideal candidate, and the campaign will begin. ,,,,,,

    This is a very good opportunity. We are very dissatisfied with the Conservative Party of Ontario. Under Peng's leadership, the Conservative Party of Ontario has been evolved into the Conservative Party branch of the Ontario Liberal Party. Despite the dissatisfaction and anger at the Liberal Party in Ontario, many voters really do not know how to be good and helpless. This is an opportunity God has given us another time to bring everything back on correct track.

    At first, Peng was able to stand out from many candidates and become the leader of the Conservative Party in Ontario, and could not be separated from the help and support of Chinese brothers and sisters. However, all the Chinese who have devoted themselves to helping him have been disappointed. He used a paper election outline to deceive a large number of voters. After he took office, he completely overthrows the original candidate. For his face today, our feel “haha, Haha”! It is really good feeling!

    Today we are faced with a choice between surprise and horror, and how we can lead the Conservative Party to defeat the Liberals in the next election. After comparing the candidacy of several candidates, Doug Ford is considered to be a good candidate. Of course, relying solely on his campaign platform is not enough, and his background with it makes us think it is a worthwhile we cast our one-vote candidate.

    Doug Ford has been involved with his father's corporate business since 1990 and became president of the business in 2002. In October 2010, he was successfully elected to the Toronto City Council. As a businessman, people usually have the bottom line. In the fierce commercial competition, they want to safeguard the credibility of themselves and their business. A bad reputation enterprise cannot survive. Therefore, businessmen generally do not make promises to voters for votes as some politicians do.

    According to his election program, business and political experience, we have chosen such a smart and capable candidate. Please join the Ontario Conservative Party to vote:

    Join the Conservatives Ontario link 

    Also hope you and your family's support!

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