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This Drunk Driving Legislation is Terrible

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2018 is becoming past, and 2019 is coming. In this new year, the biggest political event for Canadians is the federal election in October 2019. Since the Liberal Party won the Canadian federal election in 2015, the potato has become the prime minister of Canada. He has made a huge change in Canada, making us crazy, making us uneasy, making our living costs rise uncontrollably, making beautiful marijuana bloom everywhere.. .... makes us feel that the future is not bright, and the future is even less optimistic about Canada.

Since the Justin Trudeau took office, the M103 bill has been passed; the cost of living for voters has risen; the terrorists have been paid; the endless illegal immigrants have brought endless economic, social, security and other problems and burdens to Canada; The self-directed headscarf farce dared to blame the Asians at random, causing the whole of Canada to launch a wave of protests from east to west without receiving any feedback from him.

The actions of the Liberal Party and Justin Trudeau have made us realize that it is our most important thing to drive away the Liberal Party in 2019. If we fail, we will have to wait for another four years. In this new four years, they will Finding ways to turn Canada into their "ideal" place is also our nightmare.

Let us unite as one and work together to get rid of the Liberal Party and build a new Canada!

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