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New Year Carbon Tax
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The time finally closed the door of 2018 and came to 2019. At the beginning of the New Year, it is time to have a new life, but unfortunately, at the same time that the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau congratulated everyone on the “Happy New Year” message, he actually sent a carbon tax to Canadians:

January: The carbon tax of large industrial emitters takes effect.

April: The carbon tax “support” imposed by the provinces takes effect.

Justin Trudeau's massive tax increase will make everything more expensive - including natural gas, groceries and home heating prices.

For Canadians, there is still a worse moment. After the Liberal government has attracted so many refugees, the society is in chaos and the cost of living is rising. At the end of each month, Canadians have fewer and fewer surpluses. Any wise person will see Trudeau’s carbon tax only make this problem worse. Sadly, Canada is currently managed by a prime minister who has never worried about the money in life.

This is just the beginning. If Trudeau is re-elected, the carbon tax will only continue to increase. His experts and His own government department is telling him. It starts at $20 per ton and will rise rapidly to $50 per ton by 2022. According to documents from the Environment Department in Canada, they are already talking about carbon taxes that need to reach $300 per ton! At this price, home heating prices will rise by $1,000 a year, and natural gas prices will rise by 60 cents a liter. This is a tax that Canadians simply cannot afford.

The more magnified deficit budget pushes him to levy more taxes without a bottom line and open up more bottomless marijuana business. As for whether to destroy the lives of the Canadian people, that is not his concern. Fortunately, we will have the opportunity to expel the Trudeau government through elections in October this year, ensuring that the large amount of carbon tax imposed on Canadian is only temporary and that these increases will never succeed.

We need beautiful life!  Let us work together to elect the Liberal Party and drive away Justin Trudeau!

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