The article related to 2019 Canada Federal Election

Message to 2019
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Hope for a long time…… we finally will come to 2019! The biggest political activity of the Canadian people in 2019 will be the federal election in October 2019. Since the Liberal Party won the federal election in 2015, Canada has begun the bad track, no worst, only worse; one piece, the Liberal government spends Taxpayers’ huge taxes are used to entertain illegal immigrants. They use a large number of tax to pay large amounts of refugees from the Middle East to enter Canada, pay huge sums of money to terrorists, and collect ISIS terrorists who are notoriously recruited. The Liberal Party’s leader also emotionally tells the people that ISIS terrorists would be the backbone of a stable country. They also planned to teach those terrorists to write poetry and paint. They ignore that these terrorists are a group of murderers without any mercy. All these are like to drop a huge shock to the calm society. The Liberal Party forced to pass M103 Act. They want to use the law to protect Muslims, but they do not discuss the protection of other non-Muslim populations through a bill such as M104...

By December 2018, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had signed a UN refugee agreement under the opposition of many Canadians. This is a treaty that seriously places refugee benefits above nationals’. The purpose of the Liberal government of Canada is to establish their new voter warehouses for winning the federal election, and at the same time take the benefits of the Canadian voters as a victim for their national reputation. It is really unfortunate for Canada.

In the past several years, Canada is no longer a country of prosperity and stability. Housing prices soaring, rising cost of living, and rising deficits; many terrorist incidents in Toronto and many other areas, many innocent lives have been hurt and lost in these terrorist incidents. . They are still doing what they want, and they are indifferent to meeting the needs of the refugees.

All of these are not the future Canadians that Canadian people hope to face. 2019 will be our opportunity and an opportunity for the Federal Liberal Party. If the Liberal Party cannot be ousted this year, the Liberal Party will even more unscrupulously destroy the present and In the future, we must be united to oust the Liberal Party in this important election year. This is already an election that Canadian people cannot lose.

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