The article related to 2019 Canada Federal Election

Justin Trudeau started his new campaign
Article source:一知

Recently, Justin Trudeau started his campaign and canvassing activities for re-election, but he was unfortunately repeatedly protested by the "Yellow vest". For the yellow vest, Canada is also an imported product. First of all, the French people began to appear dissatisfied with the current “White Left” President Emmanuel Macron. The protest groups spread quickly in many European countries and came to Canada.

Trudeau visited the western part of Canada on the 10th and informally began to campaign for re-election. Unexpectedly, during the visit, a group of activists wearing fluorescent yellow vests protested. In response to the protest, Trudeau called on Canadian to exchange and express their different views with "polite behavior".

It is a pity that it is a waste for him to treat him politely. When he forced to recruit refugees, he didn’t treat the people of Canada politely. When he accused the Asians cut their headscarves, he didn’t treat Asians politely. When he did not allow others to use "father" and "mother", he didn’t treat others politely. When he forced the M103 to protect Muslims without protecting non-Muslims, he didn’t treat others politely. when he compensated the terrorists for millions Canadian dollars, he didn’t treat Canadians’ politely….. In fact, he doesn’t known how to treat Canadian politely and how to protect the interests of Canadians.

All of these prove that Justin Trudeau himself is a person who is not polite and protects the interests of the Canadian people. Originally, everyone still hoped him to be a country for the people. Now he has clearly understood and the purpose of his appointment. It is the consumption of Canada’s national strength, a large budget deficit, an increase in carbon taxes, the massive recruit of illegal refugees, and the detention of ISIS terrorists. In this way, social contradictions are becoming increasingly acute, and terrorist activities occur frequently...... He left this position as soon as possible is a great fortune for the Canadians.

In the New Year, we wish the process of re-election of Trudeau more difficult! Let their tattered ideas go with them! ("Politeness" is really superfluous to him)

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