The article related to 2019 Canada Federal Election

Correct the mistake and welcome the October general election
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In recent days, the leader of the Conservative Party, Andrew Scheer, suddenly, and Brad issued a joint statement to clarify the explanation that Brad leaked the party’s list in 2017, contrary to the previous conclusion, and expressed that the 50,000 Canadian dollars that were seized at that time and related in the process. The cost has been adjusted appropriately. Everyone can see that this is forced by current situation. In the October 2019 federal election, the current Conservative Party wants to get rid of this historical burden. Because the Canadian People’s Party was born, the Conservative Party voters have also differentiated. The Conservative Party is more or less faced with the election crisis. This is a compromise that the Conservative Party has to do.

This statement did not explain why the Conservative Party was so sure that it must have been done by BRAD. It did not explain why it was so ridiculous at that time, and began to use the conclusions to explain the problem. Now there is no explanation who made the decision. To be honest, whether it is definitely or not, I don’t think I can convince me. I haven't seen all the facts from beginning to now. After all, I still don't know who is responsible for this inferior mistake.

In contrast, Brad is still focusing on the overall situation. He hopes to welcome all the voters in the October general election and not change the original intention of replacing the Liberal Party. After all, the Liberal government has brought too many disasters to Canada. No one wants to see the Liberal Party win the election again. In the year, if that, Canada will go completely into an not reversed abyss.

On the occasion of this federal election, the Conservative Party leadership group should put more down on the body, correct many of the low-level mistakes made in this year and clean up the responsible person at the same time, instead of simply satisfying the basic demands of the voters, but trying to win Voters' hearts and minds, with reliable, promising and capable characters as candidates for Conservative Party members, so that the Conservative Party is likely to win more seats in the October federal election.

Some of the good cards in history have been smashed into chaos, and there are also many examples of winners with bad cards. I hope that the Conservative Party leadership will not make low-level, boring mistakes for the rest of the time, but will adopt the wise, effective and correct way to meet the October federal election.

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