About abc4vote website introduction

In order to be used in time for the new Conservative Party leader of the Canadian Conservative Party in May 2017, we have hastily completed this website development, and as our development continues to deepen, the new functions which are increasing and improving. If you have any comments or suggestions on our website, you can contact us. Upon receiving of your letter, we will reply to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your support, understanding and help! The election campaign will end, but our work will not stop, we will continue to have new developed features and new content provided to our new and old friends. Accompanied by the rise of Chinese participating politics activities, our site of this tree also began to grow!

In order to encourage overseas Chinese to actively participate in political elections, the electoral website provides video, voice, articles, and readership. And can easily share any web pages on the site to different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, QQ, Google Plus and so on.

In 2017 the Canadian Conservative New Leader Election ended on 28 May 2017 with Andrew Scheer defeating other candidates. Our website also ended the election activities, in the process of the campaign, our site also played a very good election function for our candidates, also won a good reputation, and get a lot User's approval, encouragement and the candidates’ thanks! We have to do and can do a lot of things. With the end of the campaign, the function of our website is also increasing the other to evoke more of the enthusiasm and function of Chinese politics, but also for the same philosophy with our Chinese brothers and sisters’ campaign cheer! Earnestly let more Chinese with traditional values have the opportunities to play in different places and places for the interests of the Chinese people to play more and greater role. We will also be in the appropriate time to launch the English version, to the whole society to spread our ideas and our Chinese traditional values.

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You can easily forward each page to different social medias. There are FACEBOOK,TWITTER,GOOGLE+,LINKEDIN, PINTEREST,QQ, WEIXIN logos on the bottom of every page,You can click on these icons and share them on these social media network. If you want to share a specified article, voice or video, you can go to the "Site-map" page, find the page you want to click into the page to share it.

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