US 2020 Election Starts Already

The US government reopen!
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For some time, because the US Congress and the US government failed to reach an agreement on the construction of the southern border wall of 5.7 billion, President Trump closed the government and it has indeed made many people feel the inconvenience of living and working. In the last one or two days, President Trump announced that he has opened the door again!

Is it so important to build a southern border? In history, many people from South American countries who claimed to be refugees entered the United States illegally. After Trump took white house as president, there were two big groups of refugees who were vast and ran a route southward and northward to the United States. These refugees generally entered the jurisdiction after coming to the United States illegally. The ruling was accepted or not accepted, but most of them disappeared after entering the United States and no longer came to court. In the process, the American people have to bear a lot of expenses for this, the amount is much higher than 5.7 billion US dollars, because these people's behavior has a strong influence on others, it will encourage more people to try to illegally enter the United States... no matter how the southern border wall is a good try to protect the interests of the American people.

President Trump just wants to build such a wall to prevent illegal refugees from entering the United States again to protect the interests of the United States. Is this wall really useful? I really don't know, but fortunately there is an existing example. Because of the many terrorist activities, Israel has indeed built a wall to isolate the Palestinians and the Israelis. The effect is very good. After the wall is built, the terrorist activities are less much , people's lives are also more stable.

Why do they want to do this because the Democrats leads the House of Representatives in charge of the US government budget to prevent President Trump from building a border wall to prevent illegal refugees from entering the United States? What is their purpose? I went through the news in the past several days and didn't see why they did it, but I find the Democratic House Leader Pelosi clearly expressing her not agreeing to budget for building the wall.

Does the Democratic Party have no reason to do this? They have. In the past few days, there have been some news about the US 2020 elections. Many Democrats are actively vying for presidential candidates. The Republican Party also elected Trump as the new presidential candidate.

Since President Trump took white house, the US economy has been leaping forward; the unemployment rate has declined greatly; the tax cuts for enterprises and individuals; the change of the North American Free Trade Agreement; the re-planning of the world economic map, etc., making Trump becomes an important candidate for the next president. He has accumulated a large number of points as a stepping stone for his next president. At this time, if Trump successfully built the southern border wall, he will undoubtedly add a new point to his new president campaign. This is a good plan for the benefit of the country and the people, but this is absolutely unfavorable for the Democratic Party 2020 election.

As far as the author is concerned, the Democratic Party is more concerned about how to win Trump in 2020 election campaign. As for whether it is beneficial to the American people, that is the second thing. It seems that it is not easy for Trump to think that the United States is once again great. There are dark rocks in the clear reef everywhere.

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President Trump's Presentation, 2019
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In the night of February 5, 2019, President Trump presented a wonderful speech on the State of the Union. He has done very real economic, trade, military, allies, terror, troubles and other national and people's livelihood issues. Based all these, I am glad that the Democratic Party's 2020 election has basically been completed.

In this speech, Trump proposed his own solutions and requirements for trade imbalances, trade rules, intellectual property rights and other issues between China and the United States, among which he condemned his previous presidents inaction in the trade deficit and other issues. This can be interpreted as the fact that he is showing an objective existence to the public. It can also be interpreted as his pave the way for the re-election of the 2020 election. He also stressed that NATO members have paid $100 billion to the United States for the first time this year. He also listed his achievements on the North Korea nuclear bomb issue, emphasizing the possibility of avoiding the US-North Korea war, and the current situation, American's choice and follow-up of the crisis in the Venezuelan...... The United States is always the land of freedom...

He also described that the strong momentum of the development of the US economy, the rising employment rate of the people, and various indicators of economic prosperity are coming America. There are also immigration issues, once again emphasizing the welcome of legal immigrants, opposing illegal immigration, and enumerating the trouble and criminal of illegal immigrants in different ways. All these bring many problems and crises to the United States. This specifically describes the necessity and urgency of the southern border to eliminate or reduce the illegal immigrants. By listing examples to illustrate the benefits that the border wall brings to the American people, the Democratic Party is called upon to abandon the partisanship and focus on the interests of the country and consider the issues of national prosperity and national interests.

Based on the numerous results enumerated by Trump, it should be extremely difficult to manage every presidential election, but we can easily forecast that Trump will win the 2020 presidential election. We also wish President Trump win the 2020 election. The election of such a president with fruitful results is a necessary condition for making America great again.

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The investigation ended for Russia & Trump in the 2016 US Election
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The investigation result is published after more than 20 months and spending nearly 30 million US dollars. The happiest person is of course President Trump himself. President Trump and Its team does not have any behavior with Russian. Once again, it is proved that President Trump’s election results are fair. He is the president elected by American voters.

In fact, this result is not surprising at all. The general investigation has long been clear. Look at the investigation process, most of whom are people who have worked with Trump. Those issues have nothing to do with President Trump, let alone the election in 2016. In related matters, President Trump has also maintained a strong stance in the course of the investigation, which is enough to show that he is not doing anything wrong, and he is not afraid of ghosts in the middle of the night. Looking at the lawyer who defended President Trump, in addition to constantly lying and unprovoked the attack on President Trump, a decent evidence was not taken out.

On the other hand, the farce of the investigation of the Russian-invested, first of all, added a landmark stone to the Democratic Party in losing the 2020 campaign. It took so much money and took so long, and nothing worthwhile was found. There is no way to give themselves a basic explanation; in this farce, many news, newspapers and magazines in the United States are another big losers. Because of the unreasonable dissemination of false information in many media in 2016 election, they misled the public with false polls. These media have already as a result of the loss of its audience and listeners, the continuous speculation in the past two years has led to another larger audience and audience loss. The US news media industry is also facing a large-scale restructure.

Without any evidence, the US Congress launched this unwarranted investigation, which started a bad start for American society. Trump’s team of lawyers will not easily let go of the reasons for the investigation and the possible criminal charges. The scandals of related people will continue to be published, let’s watch the follow-up together!

The US president after 2020 has no suspense, of course, is President Trump! The latter process is just a process through the scene...

Smart Hollywood film writers, directors, actors, and crews can hurry up and take more of this historical detail and leave it to future generations. They will also earn huge money……

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China-US trade war may soon be over
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Trump has already started his second term campaign. The China-US trade war is one of the most important tasks of his first term. Since December 1, 2018, he set up a 90-day meeting with Chinese leaders to reach a new one. The deadline for trade rules is March 1st, 2019.

The Chinese and American teams are also intensively negotiating to complete the work planned before the deadline. For understandable reasons, the voice from China is basically "China and the United States are very likely to reach an agreement.". On the other hand, there are various voices. President Trump and the US Treasury Secretary think it is optimism to reach an agreement. Trade negotiators, business ministers and others are not optimistic about the details. They believe that China-US trade negotiations have been going on for many years and many terms are still immature.

Judging from the known news, Trump is very likely to extend the deadline of March 1, 2019, and temporarily not increase tariffs on Chinese exports from 10% to 25%. He needs to discuss those difficult problems with Chinese leader at a later specific negotiations.

President Trump has negotiated countless times throughout his life. He has been a veteran of the long-term negotiating forum. Since he became the president, he has started many trade negotiations, all of which are one-on-one, avoiding the coordination difficulties of multilateral negotiations, and gaining the advantage of the US in every negotiation. H got good bargaining chip. Whenever he is soft, it is when he starts a new situation to next. As far as the current situation is concerned, I think that President Trump does not care about the content of the agreement, but also pays more attention to how to ensure that the existing terms can be undone. Execution of the ground, President Trump has been in power for more than two years, the economy is growing at a high speed, the stock market is leaping, the unemployment rate is falling sharply, and the popularity is also on the rise. If the China-US trade war finally gets a favorable result for the United States, and the construction of the south boundary wall was successfully built, and the road to re-election of Trump was basically good road.

We also wish President Trump an opportunity to work for the American people for another four years! Demonstrate can start ready for 2024 campaign.

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After Muller's investigation
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Muller’s prosecutor’s investigation of Trump’s investigation of Trump’s connecting to Russia ended, and Justice Minister Barr’s investigation report also concluded that all the initial allegations were overturned, and the contents of the investigation report were opened except for some hidden content. Because CNN has spared no effort to attack President Trump in the past few years, whimsically inferred the results of Muller’s investigation every day, and its reputation has been wiped out. The most direct result is that its ratings have dropped directly, and the ratings in the main period of April have plummeted 26% only has 767,000 times, and Fox has a lead of 2.395 million. If CNN still doesn't know how to make a leap and change the score, it is not surprising that this media network will be down.

On the other side of the Democratic Party, they thought that they concentrated their firepower against the unscrupulous attack of President Trump. They did not like the Muller’s investigating report. Since the Minister of Justice Bar presented a conclusion which they didn’t like it, their spears were now starting again. Mr. Bar faced endlessly entangled, all these are reminiscent of President Trump’s appointment of a new super judge in September 2018, because they did not end up with nothing to do with their will, as far as the country’s future, the interests of voters ... not important.

Compared with the process of appointing a judge last year, it is estimated that the siege of Mr. Bar will be held for a while. I feel that today’s Democrats are like children in kindergartens. They must feel satisfied in everything. If they don’t get what they hope to, they will endlessly make noises. When you buckle your hat and hit a stick, you can't make up your own mistakes, and you can accuse them without any reason. As for the facts, the reason, the facts, and the law as the criterion, all are thrown behind them. The ending is chaos, failure, trouble, and failure...

Current Democratic Party is not the same as the former Democratic Party. It is now like a group of rabble who is engaged in an unruly parliamentary struggle. They just lose in every topic. It is not surprising that the Democratic Party will split into several parties of different sizes in the future.

As I expected, the Republican Party also began an investigation into the investigation of the reasons for the initiation of the Trump investigation by President Trump. There will be a good show in the follow-up, and we may see more important figures appearing, more unexpected. More facts are presented to us, and we would like to see some famous persons appear, such as Ms. Hillary and former President Obama. If this is the case, then it’s really a good show.

Let's watch the follow-up development together!

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Defend The President Coalition
Article source:Team Trump 2020

The Democrats are panicking.

They know they have no chance of winning in 2020 so they just keep LYING about President Trump.

He’s up against a coordinated WITCH HUNT from the Corrupt Media, the Liberal Swamp, AND the Hollywood Elites… He can’t win this fight alone, he needs you.

Let’s send a message to all of the Trump haters by having 1 MILLION AMERICANS publicly stand with President Trump before the Mueller Report is released tomorrow.

No matter what we do the Democrats and the complicit media will NEVER be satisfied that their dishonest hoax proved what we’ve known all along. 

President Trump Tweet

How many times do they need to release different versions of this report?

Attorney General Barr already said that the report “did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.” EXONERATED!

We know the truth. Be on the right side of history and stand with President Trump in his fight against this Nasty Witch Hunt.

Please join the Official Defend The President Coalition to get on the list of Patriots who FOUGHT BACK against the Nasty Witch Hunt.

Thank you,

Team Trump 2020 

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About Poll Statistics
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Many people originally took the poll statistics results seriously. On the eve of the 2016 election, some media announced their poll results in a high-profile way, claiming that the probability of Hillary being elected was 99.99%. However, the election results greatly affected the reputation of these media; the reputation of the polls has been diminished as well.

Due to the inaccuracy of the polls four years ago, many people have become immune to these polls that comes and goes without a trace. People no longer believe in these polls, and see the polls as faulty predictions.  Despite this, the polls for this year’s election have come unexpectedly. Most of these polls are about how the Mr. Biden polls are leading and how Trump are lagging behind. From the results of the polls, the 2020 election winners should be Mr. Biden.

I have always questioned the results of these polls. Is there any substantial difference between the 2016 polls and today’s polls? I don't know; the positions of many polling media in the "Russiagate" investigation and the impeachment of President Trump are mostly on the opposite side of President Trump. Are the polls made by them fair and just? I am skeptical; Has President Trump really done a bad job in the past four years? I don't think so; is a simple comparison of a few numbers good enough to reflect the public opinion? I think it is too weak and can only reflect one aspect of public opinions at best; is there anything more attractive and powerful about Biden than President Trump? As an old politician for decades, Biden’s capability and personality have long been known to the world, and I have never seen his outstanding characteristics and superior abilities.

If I add up the exposure rates, job performances, canvassing campaigns, comments on social media, and others, I will find that Biden is in a lagging position except his leading in polls. My intuition tells me that these polls are questionable, and the results are obviously not persuasive. They only have very thin numbers or percentages of approval and disapproval. They did not explain how they obtained these data, if they did, they did not provide enough evidence of the reliability of the data. So can we also conduct polls anytime and anywhere? Are we sure that we can overturn these polls that do not fully reflect the public opinion? Can we conduct public opinion evaluation in more areas and draw our conclusions more comprehensively? Is our polling method feasible? The answer is yes.

Today’s Internet provides us with a large amount of free data every day. We only need to use effective methods to extract the data we need, and then interpret, compare and analyze it. We can easily get our own poll statistics based on various types of data. We can draw our comprehensive conclusions based on our statistical analysis, and we will never be fooled by the unreliable polls and statistics offered by those media. Through our own fair, timely, comprehensive, and objective polls and statistics, we can easily overthrow those un-trustable polls. It’s really not that difficult at all. All you need to do is to surf the Internet. Everyone can complete a poll at any time. It’s really hard to find people who can’t access the Internet in today’s world.

Due to space constraints, in the next article "Make Our Own Poll", we will introduce to you how to conduct our own timely, fair, reliable, comprehensive and objective polling statistics analysis, so that our readers will bid farewell to the age of rely on the unreliable polls statistics offered by the media; it also allows each one of us at any time: Just do the click, and no longer be fooled.

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Do Your Own Polls
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In the last article "About Poll Statistics", we said that we do not have faith in many polls conducted by the media.  In this article, we are going to introduce to our readers a more credible way of conducting polls based on the information provided by internet. We will draw our conclusions based on the internet data from three aspects: candidates’ internet popularity, commercial value and people’s responses to the candidate’s news.

1. Internet popularity:

Everything a candidate does e.g. fundraising, canvasing, campaigning etc. only serves for one purpose that is to gain more voters’ support through increasing his popularity, promoting his own ideas, and propagating the idea of governance. Internet popularity is an indispensable index to show a candidate’s social popularity and to reflect the candidate’s position in voters’ hearts. 

First, let’s enter the keywords "Trump 2020" and "Biden 2020" in, we get the following synthesized image.

We find that the number of results related to the Trump’s campaign is 1,360,000,000, the searching takes 0.66 second; the number of results related to the Biden’s campaign is 189,000,000, which takes 0.75 second. We can see that the number of searchable web results related to the Trump campaign is about 7~8 times greater than Biden’s. Moreover, it took 88% of the time that Google spent on searching Biden’s results to find Trump’s results, which indicates that it is quicker to get more results about Trump campaigns based on Google's search algorithm.

Since Google provides ongoing new information, the results of each search may be different, but the ratio changes little. This result shows that more Trump campaign information and hot spots are stored in the Google search engine. In Google, Trump has much higher Internet popularity.

Let’s look at the social network, we visited Trump and Biden’s Twitter respectively,

there are two comparable data, the “following” and “followers”.  The former is the number of people online at the time of the screenshot, and the latter is the number of fans. You can easily find that the number of people who were following Trump was nearly twice that of Biden, and Trump's fans were about 10 times that of Biden's.

If readers want to do statistics and analysis on other social network sites such as, the conclusions should not be much different from those of Google and Twitter. We recommend that you do a hands on practice, just go to the two candidates’ pages and you will get similar data.

 From the above results, we find that Trump's popularity on the Internet is 7-11 times greater than Biden. Ugh! Biden is too far away!

2. Commercial value:

Let's talk about the commercial value of Trump and Biden. Before the election, their supporters will buy and distribute some small commodities of the candidates, such as hats, flags, and signs. Due to the large number of supporters and huge business opportunities, small commodities with Trump and Biden’s images, campaign slogans, and Democratic and Republican’s symbols have been placed in the market one by one. The competitions among different products of the same candidate as well as between the two candidates are intense. The purpose of doing business is making profit. Selling the products for the right candidate can bring wealth to the business. On the other hand, chose a wrong candidate’s products, it may lead to lose money, or even bankruptcy. 

Businessmen can’t survive without making profit. If there are no statistics on businessmen’s choices in the poll, the poll is destined to be problematic, and it is a defective poll. Most of the polls published by many media are such polls. In addition, many media are directly opposed to Trump. Therefore, their polls often mislead the voters, and wrongly predict the election result, such as the 2016 election.

We used the and to conduct the statistics on Trump and Biden’s products orders.

First, we checked the website at 11:00 am on 08/16/2020, its merchants are all from China. After entering the keywords "Trump 2020" and "Biden 2020", the following synthesized picture is obtained.