North Korea nuclear missile issue - 6. North Korea nuclear missile issue

North Korea's nuclear bomb issue has always been a major news in the world. This issue has interfered with the energy of too many countries and has too many problems concerning the national economy and the people's livelihood in neighboring countries. However, it has never avoided a vicious circle. Today it is worse than yesterday and tomorrow worse than today ... the result of ... Politicians say nothing and everything is worse or worse. Take this platform, we also come to express our opinion.

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As the saying goes, the weak countries have no diplomacy. However, North Korea, a small country that has constantly provoked direct confrontations with the international community, has been one of the centers of concern to the world for decades. Since 2018, North Korea's Kim ZhengEn has continued to attract the world's attention. In his New Year's Day speech showed a strong interest in South Korea's Winter Olympics. South Korea also showed a strong welcome attitude. And then the north-south hotline is established, high level meeting is scheduled between North and South so that US president Donald Trump thought about meeting with Kim ... It seems that everything is on the ups and downs. The crisis in the Korean Peninsula war is now heading in the direction of peace.

The history of the Korean Peninsula for decades shows that North Korea is not a trustable country. The three generations of Kim have never been a credible family. Since Kim Il Sung started, they did what they did in the Soviet Union and China double games between China and the Soviet Union to gain countless benefits so that they can maintain decades of domination in north Korea. The most serious issue was the launching of the Korean War, but at the end, the Chinese people sacrifice enormous sacrifices in exchange for maintaining current status and have a very negative impact to Chinese economic development, Kim Jong Il even took the life of South Korean nationals hostage at any time under the camouflage of abolishing nuclear tests, disregarding the national economy and people's livelihood of the people of North Korea, abducting the international community and gradually promoting the development of nuclear weapons and blackmail the international community. To the third generation of Kim family, Kim ZhengEn is sneaker, he played the international border policy, often trying to cross the international red line in order to gradually promote the development and testing of nuclear weapons and missiles.

After decades of efforts by Kim’s family and the common indulgence of the international community, the nuclear weapon development of North Korean has been changed greatly. Everything is no longer the original and looks familiar. Ease again? But the nuclear crisis did not eliminate a little bit of its nuclear test explosions and missile preparedness nonstop; South Korea is eager to dialogue, and happy the gone nightmares as before. Indeed all are a dream. North Korea did not have any plan to eliminate or stop nuclear weapons development. Instead, it emphasized that more nuclear weapons should be. But we see that the new cycle of easing, financial aid, tension and crisis started again. No one knows what the cycle would be the same as before.

We just hope that the international community will promote economic exchanges with North Korean while maintaining its existing economic sanctions. The existing international sanctions agreements should be implemented without any discount and new sanctions should be added if necessary. Whenever any compromise will come to an end and is perverted, the entire international community, including the United Nations, has been playing for decades with the North Korean. We also hope that the so-called leaders and politicians of the great powers will be able to work together, help each other and act boldly in this crucial moment, do not play with political means anymore, and completely eliminate the peaceful crisis of the world. However, the author remains pessimistic about the possibility that North Korea will abandon its nuclear weapons without strong force from the outside world. Therefore, we all will wait and see.


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