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In order to select the new leader of the Canadian Conservative Party, which conforms to our traditional Chinese values in 2017, this site began operation on April 18, 2017 and was quickly put into a vigorous campaign. The final election ended. Everything backed to the originating starting point. The results of this election are particularly fruitful for the Chinese in Canada, and the many Chinese people are not strongly comfortable for the actions of the Liberal Party, which has also led a large number of Chinese to join the Canadian new leader of the Conservative Party in 2017. This election gives us a very good political class to the Chinese. We are also very pleased that in this process our website also do our little bit contribution.
In 2017 the Canadian Conservative Party's new leader elections were over and we were also launching candidates for new electoral activities that had the same political philosophy as ours. But in order to attract more Chinese to participate in national or local political activities, we launched a news political forum. The forum includes news events, old news events, thematic forums and column forums. We forecast that the future trends and results will be analyzed, commented and predicted by the major news, events or themes. We also welcome readers to submit or write the writing columns of authors who share the same values as our overseas Chinese. We hope to provide those writing those are valuable to read for our reader.